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Retaining Walls

brick walls and stairs

Tyler Texas Masonry Service provides our customers with our excellent retaining walls. Retaining walls are a great way to improve water management on your property. This can give you protection against flooding and water damages. Adding retaining walls to a steep slope will also reduce erosion of your soil. We also provide our customers with custom retaining walls. This means that w can design it specifically to suit your property aesthetics. Retaining walls will also break up your slopes. This will provide you with more usable space on your property that can be used to add stylish new features.


Improved Water Management

When water falls on a slope, it will fall downhill. This can lead to the water collecting at the bottom of the slope. This can lead to flooding on your property. Flooding can cause serious damages to structures, surfaces, and possessions on your property. This will result on the news for very expensive repairs and replacements. To protect your property against this, hire us to install retaining walls. Retaining walls will manage the flow of water away from your structures to a safe location. This can save you a fortune on repairs and replacements in the future.


Prevent Soil Erosion

The soil on a steep slope on your property will be vulnerable to erosion. As water flows downhill it will carry topsoil with it. This topsoil holds vital nutrients needed to keep your soil fertile and strong. When these nutrients are removed, the soil will start to erode. This will lead to patches of your lawn or plants becoming ill. This can spoil the aesthetics of your property and make your land look worn and neglected. Retaining walls will break up this water flowing downhill. This will keep your soil in place and protect it against erosion.


Enhance Your Property Aesthetics

Tyler Texas Masonry Service can provide you with custom retaining walls for your property. These walls can be shaped and molded into any design or pattern. We can also use a variety of stones and concrete to provide you with a texture and color that suits your property. This will have great benefits for the aesthetics of your property. Improved aesthetics will enhance your curb appeal as well as make a great impression on guests and visitors. This can lead to an increase in property value should you ever consider selling.


More Usable Space

When you have a steep slope on your property it is an inconvenience. A steel slope will take up a large amount of space that can’t be used on your property. You can’t place furniture on a steep slope and you also won’t be able to add any features new additions such as a patio. Retaining walls will break up the slope on your property. This will provide you with flat areas that you can use as you wish. This can allow you to add lighting and furniture. This increase in usable space can be an ideal location for entertaining guests and visitors.

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