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concrete design for fire place

We provide our dear customers with excellent masonry fireplaces. A masonry fireplace is a fantastic addition to your property that will provide you with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our masonry fireplaces are strong and durable which makes them very long-lasting. Your masonry fireplace will last for as long as the building around it. A masonry fireplace can lead to an increase in your property value as they are attractive to potential buyers. We also provide our customers with the maintenance and repairs needed to maintain the functionality, aesthetics, and safety of your masonry fireplace.


Enhance the Atmosphere

There is no replacement for the feeling that you get when you are relaxing by a wood-burning fire on a cold winter’s day. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming and it really improves the quality of life in your home. Adding a masonry fireplace will ensure that you have access to this warm atmosphere all year round. A masonry fireplace will not just improve the atmosphere but it can also be a highlight feature of your home. You can entertain guests and relatives while sitting by the fire or you can use it as your own relaxing escape from the outside world.


Long Lasting

One major advantage that a masonry fireplace has over a prefabricated one is when it comes to how long they last. A well built masonry fireplace will last for as long as the building that it is placed in. As long as the right care maintenance is given to your masonry fireplace, it will last for over 100 years. Prefabricated fireplaces won’t last anywhere near as long, they will need to be replaced after 10 – 20 years. This makes a masonry fireplace cost effective as you will make significant savings on repairs and replacements in the long run.


Increase Property Value

A masonry fireplace will be a fantastic addition to your property. Masonry fireplaces are very stylish and can enhance the aesthetics of your property. This will make a great impression on any guests and visitors to your home. Masonry fireplaces are also very attractive to buyers. This means that when you decide to sell the property, you will receive an increase in property value. Masonry fireplace are far more attractive to buyers than prefabricated ones. This makes investing in a masonry fireplace a worthwhile investment if you are ever going to sell.


Fireplace Repairs and Maintenance

We supply our customers with our excellent fireplace repair and maintenance services. Masonry fireplaces require vital maintenance to ensure your safety. Your chimney will need to be swept every few months. This will ensure that smoke and harmful gasses emitted from your fire will be able to safely leave your home. Gasses such as carbon monoxide are fatal in high quantities and often cause death. We will maintain and repair any damages to your chimney. This will ensure that it remains strong as well as clear. This will prevent any unfortunate accidents on your property.

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